Rabu, 19 November 2008 | 14:04 WIB

Former Minister of Justice and Human Rights Questioned by AGO

The corruption within the Department of Justice and Human Rights allegedly took place with regard to a project concerning the application of the internet in the Legal Entity Administration System (sisminbakum). The calculated loss to the state is Rp 400 billion (around US$40 million).

The Legal Entities Administration System is a project which started in 2001, concerning the application of the internet to establish and modify legal entities. The system was used for legalizing company deeds, approving modified statutes of limited liability companies, and fulfilling other requests that are within the ambits of the Director General of Common Law Administration's Decree.

The internet policy has been in effect since Yusril Ihza Mahendra was still Minister of the Department. Three former officials have been named suspects and detained. After Yusril's name was mentioned by the suspects, the AGO calls him for questioning.

TEXT: Ramona Sofianne Dewi | PHOTOS: ANTARA, VIVAnews


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